Sunday, February 21, 2010

9 months

Its been almost  9 months since we said goodbye.

Its so sad that we have missed out on nine whole months of his life. And we still have to spend the rest of our lives without him.

Nine months has gone quickly but then again, so painfully slow. How can time seem to go quick and slow at the same time? It's hard to remember what it was like before our precious little boy was born.

I cant really remember a time when I used to feel completly happy and whole. But I must have been once. It seems like the peice of me that is missing can never be replaced or repaired, we will never again be completly whole.

I cant believe that we have managed to survive nine whole months without him. How have we done it? I guess because it is necessary. You have to get up every day, you have to eat every day, you have to go to work every day. Just like normal people. Except you know you arent 'normal' anymore. Because he is never far from our thoughts. Even though we may seem to be 'normal' to outside people, we certainly dont feel it.

Thinking of you and wishing you were here little angel x0x0x


  1. Remembering your baby Jack with you!!

  2. Hi, i just started reading your blog today and i'd like to tell you how very sorry i am for your loss. Dear Jack has a wonderful mommy. i wish he were here with you.
    it's been nine months for me too. it's still surreal, i'll never wrap my head around it. like you said, time has gone by so fast, but so slow too. how did that happen?
    thinking of you and your precious Jack.