Saturday, March 5, 2011

Missing you...

Hey little baby,
Cant believe its been nearly 2 years since we lost you. We miss you so much everyday and think of you all the time. Theres so much we could have been doing could have helped mummy plant some plants in the back yard today. And come with mummy and nanna up the hills where we had some lovely scones and jam, yummy. Tomorrow we are going down to the beach, its going to be beautiful weather, I will miss not being able to chase you around on the sand and make sand castles with you.

Your little brother or sister is due in July, 10 days after your due date. I know that you are looking after us and will help this baby make it safely to mummy and daddy. We are thinking of giving the baby Jack as a middle name if it is a boy, i hope you don't mind - I'm sure you wouldn't, I'm sure you will be very proud.

Ta ta for now, miss you to the moon and back x0x0x0x0x
Love mummy.