Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Back home...

Well I am back home again after having my gallbladder out and it went really well.

Not as painful as I thought it was going to be (thank God for keyhole surgery!), but Im still a little sore.

So now finally we can start trying for another baby, yay! I am so excited about this.

So I havent been able to do much but sit around and watch tv this week. Although one day I decided to go into Jacks room, which I havent been in for ages, the door is always shut.

As soon as I walked in I could smell the scent of new furniture still. His beautiful new cot that we never got to use. I just stood there for a while and looked around at all the unused toys and nappies and blankets.
Then I spotted a memory box that my SIL had given us, so I thought I would take a quick peak.

It is such a beautiful little box, on the top it says the words

'Baby's treasured keepsakes are contained within this box,
To keep and hold forever, for they are enveloped in Love'

Inside there is a photo of me and hubby with Jack, all the condolence cards that friends and family sent us. All the photos from the hospital with Jack and family, his little umbilical cord clip, and also the memory book that the hospital gave us, which has his footprints and lock of hair etc in it.

There is something else in there which I like to read every now and then, but it breaks my heart every time.
It is so beautifully written by my hubbys younger sister ( she was only 19 at the time) She wrote it for Jack's funeral and she read it out herself, she was so incredibly brave, I was so proud of her.

It is entitled 'Never Forget A Little Angel'

Never shall I forget the hospital

Never shall I forget the pain we went through,
the tears we cried, and the question

Why God? Why let someone die so young, so soon? Why?

Never shall I forget the way my family felt

The phone rings at night or early in the morning

The phone ring that was telling us to get up and drive to the hospital

Never shall I forget the samll crib he was in filled with Kermit

Never shall I forget my nephew

How he was torn away from his life so young, so soon

I miss you Jack Cooper

Rest In Peace

So beautiful and so heartbreaking to read. I have included a photo of the memory box with 2 of my favourite toys that we bought for Jack. The green Kermit was a present from my hubby to Jack and I bought the Eeyore blanky for him.

Love you little angel always x0x0


  1. That poem is so beautiful. I was crying reading it.
    I am so happy that everything went well with your surgery.

  2. Glad your surgery went well. Beautiful poem and I really love the little Eeyore blanky! Eeyore is one of my favorites!!! :) So sweet.

  3. Glad to hear the surgery went well. I was hoping you would update us. Lovely poem!

  4. Hope you recover well from your surgery. I love the poem!